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We recommend running Scheme 48 under GNU Emacs or XEmacs using the cmuscheme48 command package. This is in the Scheme 48 distribution's emacs/ subdirectory and is included in XEmacs's scheme package. It is a variant of the cmuscheme library, which comes to us courtesy of Olin Shivers, formerly of CMU. You might want to put the following in your Emacs init file (.emacs):

(setq scheme-program-name "scheme48")
(autoload 'run-scheme
          "Run an inferior Scheme process."
The Emacs function run-scheme can then be used to start a process running the program scheme48 in a new buffer. To make the autoload and (require ...) forms work, you will also need to put the directory containing cmuscheme and related files in your emacs load-path:
(setq load-path
  (append load-path '("scheme-48-directory/emacs")))
Further documentation can be found in the files emacs/cmuscheme48.el and emacs/comint.el.

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