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A number of useful utilities are either built in to Scheme 48 or can be loaded from an external library. These utilities are not visible in the user environment by default, but can be made available with the open command. For example, to use the tables structure, do

> ,open tables

If the utility is not already loaded, then the ,open command will load it. Or, you can load something explicitly (without opening it) using the load-package command:

> ,load-package queues
> ,open queues

When loading a utility, the message "Note: optional optimizer not invoked" is innocuous. Feel free to ignore it.

See also the package system documentation, in the module chapter.

Not all of the the libraries available in Scheme 48 are described in this manual. All are listed in files rts-packages.scm, comp-packages.scm, env-packages.scm, and more-packages.scm in the scheme directory of the distribution, and the bindings they export are listed in interfaces.scm and more-interfaces.scm in the same directory.

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