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Quite obscure

,go exp
This is like ,exit exp except that the evaluation of exp is tail-recursive with respect to the command processor. This means that the command processor itself can probably be GC'ed, should a garbage collection occur in the execution of exp. If an error occurs Scheme 48 will exit with a non-zero value.

,translate from to
For load and the ,load command (but not for open-{in|out}put-file), file names beginning with the string from will be changed so that the initial from is replaced by the string to. E.g.
,translate /usr/gjc/ /zu/gjc/
will cause (load "/usr/gjc/foo.scm") to have the same effect as (load "/zu/gjc/foo.scm").
,from-file filename form ... ,end
This is used by the cmuscheme48 Emacs library to indicate the file from which the forms came. Filename is then used by the command processor to determine the package in which the forms are to be evaluated.

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